CreekStone Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs - Gold Hill Mesa | Wolf Ranch | Cordera

Three awesome locations to build your dream home

CreekStone Homes is a high quality home builder in Colorado Springs. I’m personally so impressed with CreekStone that we are having them build a home for our family. Attention to detail, value, and a sense of exceptionalism set CreekStone apart from other builders.


Crafted for comfort. Customized for performance.

Every CreekStone home is now a ComfortBuilt home. What does that mean? Well, they’ve taken energy efficient building to a new level. Teaming up with Owens Corning, they’ve developed an innovative approach to building which increases the durability and comfort of your home by sealing out air, moisture, and unwanted noise. This approach has made CreekStone homes the premier high quality home builder in Colorado Springs. And now in Denver too.

What's a HERS?

Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is an independently tested industy standard for measuring energy performance. The lower the better. Here’s how various builds stack up …

Typical Resale ~ 130
New Built to Code ~ 100
Energy Star Home ~ 70

CreekStone ComfortBuilt Home ~ 52