Simple (But Critical) Home Maintenance Tips

Kevin Guerrero
Published on September 7, 2016

Simple (But Critical) Home Maintenance Tips


Would you Throw Away $25,000?


Forget the fancy bathroom upgrade. And the new deck. If you really want to maintain the value of your home, focus on these basic (and cheap) home maintenance actions. In fact, good home maintenance can even add value to your home.

So how could you be throwing away $25,000 by not keeping up on home maintenance? Answer: an out of shape home can appraise as much as 10% lower than market value. And in Colorado Springs the median home price is $250,000 …

Here are some easy home maintenance actions to ensure the value (and longevity) of your home …

Attack Enemy #1 – Water. 

Water is the undisputed enemy #1 of home owners and should be the focus of any good home maintenance plan. Often when we think of water damage, we think roof and siding first. Those are super important, but just as important is keeping water away from your foundation. So just as a leaky roof is bad news, a leaky gutter, or a clogged downspout can be just as bad — or worse. Water seeping under your foundation can cause flooding. But it can also expand the soil under the home which can push up your foundation causing cracks in both the floor and walls. So here are actions to keep water out of your home and away from the foundation.

– Ensure gutters are clear and allow drainage to the downspout. And check that your downspout is diverting water away from your home at ground level. Best time to do this is when it’s raining. So next time it rains, break out the galoshes and raincoat and take a walk around your home. Any water coming straight down beside the house is an issue you need to correct immediately.

Gutters Overflowing

This is not good

– Have your roof inspected once per year or after a hail storm. Roofing companies will almost always come out and give you a free inspection. Look for a reputable local company. And while they’re up there evaluating the integrity of the shingles, ask them to ensure that your roof flashing is positioned to properly divert water way from the siding and towards the downspout.

– Test and maintain your sump pump. First ensure that the filter is clear. Then slowly pour a bucket of water into the pit until the float rises to the level that will automatically activate the pump. Observe the water level go back down. It’s a good idea to test this just prior to the rainy season … so, in Colorado Springs, just before spring and late summer.

Sump Pump

A sump pump installed in the basement of a home

Service Major Systems.

Once a year the following systems should be cleaned, serviced and/or inspected as part of a solid home maintenance plan:

– Central Air Conditioning System; clean/service (change filter when dirty)

– Furnace; clean/service

– Water Heater; inspect for leaks or rust

– Dryer Vent; clean

Getting in the habit of performing these simple home maintenance actions is cheap, and could save you big dollars down the road. A home is the largest investment many of us will ever make. Protecting that investment can yield big dividends down the road. Both in saved repair costs and increased value.


About the author:  The above post “Simple (But Critical) Home Maintenance Tips” was written by Kevin Guerrero of Keller Williams Clients’ Choice Realty. To find out more about Kevin and Keller Williams check out the ABOUT US page.

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Simple (But Critical) Home Maintenance Tips
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