Thinking of Moving To Colorado Springs? 7 Reasons Why You Should

Kevin Guerrero
Published on May 31, 2016

Thinking of Moving To Colorado Springs? 7 Reasons Why You Should


Colorado Springs often gets overshadowed by our neighbor to the North…Denver. While only an hour away, the two cities really have quite different personalities (but we both love the Broncos!). I like to think of Colorado Springs as a less frantic, more laid back version of Denver. And Colorado Springs folks are the friendliest folks this side of Montana!

If you’ve ever thought about moving to the mountains, I think moving to Colorado Springs is an outstanding choice. The whole vibe of the town just feels right. Did I mention the people are super friendly?!

So, here are my top 5 reasons for moving to Colorado Springs…

1. Outdoor activities are awesome! There are just a ton of hiking and biking trails all over town. Colorado Springs is pretty spread out, but no matter what part of town you are in, there are great trails to explore. And the scenery is spectacular! Drive just 10 minutes west of town and you are in the foothills of Pikes Peak.


Drive 35 minutes east of town and you can explore some really cool rock formations at Painted Mines interpretive park. And everywhere in between there are trails tucked away in town that you’d never expect. From weekend farmer’s markets to outdoor concerts, the outdoor life here is a great reason for moving to Colorado Springs. Here are a list of some of the top hiking trails.

  • Garden of the Gods Loop (easy)
  • Columbine Trail (moderate)
  • Palmer Park – Templeton Trail (Moderate)
  • Mount Cutler (easy)
  • Helen Hunt Falls (easy)

So, if you are an avid hiker, or just like to get outside and enjoy a leisurely stroll, moving to Colorado Springs will give you every opportunity.

2. The Weather in Colorado Springs is really mild. You’ve probably heard or seen stories about snow storms in April and May, and while we do get those occasionally, it’s usually just a couple days and then everything has melted.  But then again, even our snow storms in January don’t last. With 300 days of sunshine a year, the snow really doesn’t stick around for very long…even in the middle of the winter. Most winters I can count on one hand the number of days I’ve had to actually drive on fully snow covered roads. I don’t even buy snow tires as all-season tires have done just fine (but it’s certainly not a bad idea). There are lots of people (my wife included) that just stay in when we get a big dump. Again, it’s mostly just one day, and very likely that the next will be all clear. The winters are great here because we get a number of little “break” days in the middle of winter. By that I mean even in January or February you get days in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s really bizarre but also pretty cool. Where I grew up, the winter came and the winter stayed. After moving to Colorado Springs, we’ve found that you get quite a few spring-like days sprinkled throughout the winter which really breaks up the monotony. Oh, and after it snows…this is what it looks like the next day:


The day after a big snow storm is really beautiful and has provided some of our best moments since moving to Colorado Springs.

The average temperature range is generally below the U.S. average, but Colorado’s low humidity and mostly sunny weather make it feel much warmer. Here’s the average weather data for Colorado Springs, courtesy of City-Data.ComColorado Springs Weather

The summers here are very mild. It rarely gets into the 90s and for most of the summer we see just 70’s and 80’s. Many people still don’t find a need for central air conditioning. In fact, my family didn’t get central air until 11 years after moving to Colorado Springs. The summer weather is mostly very pleasant.

Fall is my favorite time of year in Colorado Springs. The weather is perfect and the autumn colors are fantastic.

Colorado Springs Fall

And any time of year is a great time to be outside. According to, Colorado Springs Air Quality Index (AQI) is just 34.6. This is significantly better than the U.S. average of 74.7.

So, regardless of what you may have heard or read about the weather in Colorado Springs, it really is quite nice…all year round.

3. Traffic is very light here compared to many other metro areas. The average commute time is 21 minutes but that has more to do with distance travelled than traffic congestion. Colorado Springs is very spread out. I used to commute 26 miles one way, and straight through the middle of town…my commute time with no traffic was 35 minutes and with moderate traffic, only 40 minutes. It’s just really striking when you go to one of the large east or west coast metro areas and see how bad the traffic is compared to Colorado Springs. Denver traffic is a whole order of magnitude worse than Colorado Springs. Really bad traffic really ruins your commute and is a major cause of stress for some people. I guarantee if you are moving to Colorado Springs from another large metro area, you will notice the difference.

4. Fine Dining. Colorado Springs has some really great dining places. We don’t get much credit for having really outstanding dining opportunities, but here’s some that meet that criteria:

Carlos’ Bistro

The Blue Star

The Margarita at Pine Creek

The Famous

The Warehouse

Summit at The Broadmoor

5. BEER! Colorado Springs is home to some of the finest craft breweries in the country. It seems that a new microbrewery is popping up every other week. And the beer is really fantastic. Such a wide variety of styles and flavors. Most are really small and have their own distinct character. From younger crowd to older crowd to mixed, young and old, family and single hangouts. The craft brewing industry in Colorado Springs caters to just about every demographic in town. Since moving to Colorado Springs we have visited just about all the small micro-brew pubs in town. Here are my favorites:

Bristol Brewery

Pike’s Peak Brewing

Red Leg Brewing Company

Gold Camp Brewing Co.

Storybook Brewing

6. Shooting Sports. Colorado Springs has a nice variety of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. It used to be that you had to drive quite a ways or go up into the mountains to do any shooting, but in the last 10 years there have been 3 indoor ranges built and the new Cheyenne Mountain Shooting complex adjacent to Fort Carson Army post. Here’s a google map that shows the various locations.

shooting ranges

So, if your thinking of moving to Colorado Springs and your wondering about the opportunities to get out and enjoy the shooting sports, know that wherever you live in the city you are only about 10 minutes from any of the following world class gun ranges:

Whistling Pines (East & West)

Magnum Shooting Center

Ben Lomond Gun Club (Pikes Peak Gun Club)

Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex

7. There are tons of things to do in Colorado Springs. Check out this video of all that “The Springs” has to offer. There’s really never a reason to be bored in this city! If you are thinking of moving to Colorado Springs come check it out. You won’t be disappointed!


City Facts:

Population (2014): 445,830. Change since 2000: +23.5%

Median Household Income (2013): $53,550

Median House or Condo Value (2013): $205,600

Median Property Tax (2013): $1,060 (this is low)

Median Rent (2013): $897

Unemployment Rate (2015): 3.9% (national average 5.1%)

Natural Disasters: The number of natural disasters in Colorado Springs is 25% lower than the national average. This is a relief to many people moving to Colorado Springs. Less Stress!

Elevation: 6,008 feet above sea level. Folks moving to Colorado Springs need a couple weeks to acclimate to the high altitude. It helps to stay well hydrated (drink water!)

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About the author:  The above article “Thinking of Moving to Colorado Springs? 7 Reasons Why You Should” was provided by Kevin Guerrero of Keller Williams Clients’ Choice Realty. To find out more about Kevin and Keller Williams check out the ABOUT US page.

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Thinking of Moving To Colorado Springs? 7 Reasons Why You Should
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